THCA Diamond Concentrate Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

THCA Diamond Concentrate Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

cannabis extract pen with thca crystals

It is no surprise that cannabis diamonds are winning the hearts and minds of cannabis users of all stripes, from first-time and low-tolerance users to those with a more refined palate. Who would not be captivated by their mesmerizing crystalline structures and rich dandelion color?

Cannabis diamonds have the dazzling aesthetics to fetch top dollar and the high potency to break through the highest tolerances. While they are still a niche product, they are quickly gaining steam as the go-to cannabis concentrates for many consumers.

Our crystalline THCA and CBD products breakdown covers five interesting facts you should know. Whether you are a user or business owner, we recommend you do not sleep on cannabis diamonds, a symbol of extraction innovation and the future of the industry.

What Are Cannabis Diamonds?

The traditional definition of a diamond is not far from its meaning in the cannabis industry. Cannabis diamonds may not be ancient carbon crystals formed hundreds of miles deep in the earth’s upper mantle in blistering hot temperatures and soul-crushing pressures, but their natural beauty is similar.

If their structure kept their shape over time, we might even see cannabinoid diamonds adorn engagement ring shanks as their sparkling center stones. CBD and THCA diamonds feature a remarkable crystalline structure in various hues, ranging from crystal clear to sun-soaked yellow.

Benefits of Cannabis Diamonds

Why are cannabis diamonds the go-to concentrates for many users? Medical patients who need products with a high THC content can find the fast-acting and long-lasting relief they need from this cannabis concentrate product. High-tolerance users can reach their desired level of elevation with THCA in its crystalline form.

Five Facts You Need to Know About Cannabinoid Crystals

Man holding thc crystals

It is time to clear the smoke and demystify the hottest new cannabis concentrate on the market. We cover the five most fascinating tidbits about CBD and THCA diamonds, from their laborious production to sky-high potency.

1. Cannabis Diamonds Are Non-Intoxicating

In their pure form, these crystalline cannabis concentrates do not produce that elevating buzz we are all so fond of. Why? THCA Diamonds are made up of cannabinoid acids: These are the precursors to their parent cannabinoids, THCUnlike THCA, CBDA diamonds are extremely rare and hard to produce, which is why you’ll only find CBD diamonds nowadays.

However, when decarboxylated through heat or overtime, THCA is activated and transforms into the cannabinoid we all know and love: THC. THC produces that energizing and euphoric high. CBD has more mellow and non-intoxicating effects.

2. THCA Diamonds Have Up to 99.9% THCA

Cannabis flowers and concentrates of today are far more potent than the ones from a few decades ago, to the dismay of state regulators. As a result of legalization, commercialization, and extraction innovations, cannabis concentrates have shot tolerances through the roof.

Cannabis distillate and diamonds are the most potent concentrate forms around, reaching 90% CBD or THC and higher. The distillate has a viscous consistency at room temperature and contains 60-90%+ delta-9 THC, while diamonds are solid and contain 90%+ THCA and can contain terpene sauce for added flavor and aroma.

A single dab of THCA diamonds can send you into orbit. Depending on your tolerance, you need a smaller dose of crystalline THCA to experience its fast-acting effects. THCA crystals generally produce longer-lasting effects, due to their higher THC content, than other concentrates.

3. THCA Diamonds Are Safe to Use

Despite its impressive THCA concentration, THCA crystals are safe to use. Whether you are a beginner or experienced user, pure THCA can deliver incredible health benefits with minimal risk of adverse effects. However, there is always a risk of overconsumption with any cannabis product.

On its face, diamond concentrates may scare off would-be THC users with their high concentration of active compounds, but it is no different than any other concentrate product. It just requires a lower dose compared to other concentrates.

Of course, those with an extra sensitivity to THC should approach diamonds and any other concentrate with caution. Most cases of overconsumption can be chalked up to the relative novelty of the product. With time and education, users can learn to offset the high potency risks.

4. THCA Diamonds Are Legal

In many legal markets, diamond concentrates are legal for production and sale. Under federal law, delta-9 THC is listed as a Schedule I substance with no medicinal value and a high risk for abuse. Other Schedule I substances include heroin, LSD, ecstasy, methaqualone, and peyote.

CBD Diamonds Are Legal

In contrast, CBD diamonds are non-intoxicating in their pure and decarbed form. When decarboxylated, CBDA converts to CBD, which is non-intoxicating and federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. However, there may be restrictions on its production and sale in some states.

5. THCA Diamonds Cannot Be Made at Home

Pure cannabinoid crystalline products are not recommended to be produced at home. Generally, these cannabis crystals are made in a lab-grade setting to reduce the risk of fire and explosion and to purify their final form.

The multi-step process is referred to as diamond mining. Here is a breakdown of the extraction process.

Closed-Loop Extraction

In a closed-loop system, the plant material is packed into a biomass vessel and soaked in propane and/or butane solvent. Propane and butane have relatively low boiling points compared to other solvents used in the extraction process. Low boiling points are critical to preserving as much of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes as possible.

Solvent-based concentrates can be made with dried and cured cannabis plant material or fresh-frozen biomass. In the diamond production process, processors use fresh-frozen material since it contains a higher concentration of terpenes. With this material, they can produce a high-terpene extract known as live resin.

When the initial extraction process is complete, the crude extract undergoes a gentle purge in a vacuum to evaporate much of the residual hydrocarbon solvent.

Separation Process

Cannabis crystalline products are valued for their high potency and captivating looks, but how do processors form crystalline structures? Extraction technicians store the concentrate in an optimal environment to allow nature to do most of the heavy lifting. During this gradual transformation, the cannabinoids and terpenes in the extract separate into a terpene-rich liquid and large chunks of cannabinoids.

How long does the process take? It depends, but generally, it can take several weeks for the THCA crystalline and terpene-rich liquid to separate and form. In some cases, extraction technicians may use pentane as a solvent to hasten the crystallization process.

Once the crystalline THC acid is formed, processors perform a final solvent removal process to remove any residual solvent from the final product. Since cannabinoids and terpenes have vastly different boiling points, they must be purged separately to properly purge them without destroying the terpenes.

THC diamonds can be sold alone or with terpene sauce to provide customers with a complete spectrum of essential oils and better flavor and aroma. THCA and terpenes can provide enhanced benefits due to the entourage effect between cannabis compounds.

How to Consume Diamond Concentrates

Thc crystals in a vape pen

How do you use CBD or THC diamonds? Similar to other concentrate products, this highly refined cannabis concentrate can be consumed via inhalation through various ways.

Here are a few ways to experience the psychoactive effects of cannabinoid diamonds.

Dab Rig

Diamond concentrates are usually consumed via glass dab rigs. Users heat the bottom of the dab rig nail and allow it to cool down to the optimal temperature. Once it is at the right temperature, they can place their mouth over the mouthpiece, add a dab of the THCA diamond inside the nail, and inhale for a few seconds. When heated, the THCA molecules convert to THC to produce intoxicating effects.


An e-nail is a more efficient way to consume THCA crystalline products. It lets users maintain a consistent and precise temperature when dabbing instead of guessing when the nail hits the right temperature.

Bongs and Pipes

Smoking THCA diamonds in bongs and pipes can add an extra dose of THC potency to any cannabis flower. Users can add a dab of the concentrate with a dab tool and apply heat to the concentrate.

Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs

Diamond concentrates can be added into rolled cannabis products such as joints, spliffs, and blunts. When exposed to heat, the diamond concentrates will combust and convert to THC. Diamonds can be sprinkled over the flower to enhance the product’s psychoactive properties.

Final Thoughts About Cannabis Diamonds

Diamond mining for pure THCA diamonds is becoming more commonplace across legal markets. Diamond concentrates provide the highest levels of THCA, and by extension THC, available, perfect for high-tolerance users, medicinal users who need strong relief, and almost any type of user looking for a pure and potent product.

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