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Our Story

Born from Necessity, Driven by Passion

Media Bros was conceived out of a genuine need within the cannabis industry. Our founder, an experienced extractor, faced the limitations of existing tools and techniques. He found that the available products failed to meet the quality and taste expectations of his customers. In particular, the powder media for color remediation in cannabis extraction was messy, hazardous, and inefficient, causing frequent downtimes and frustrations.

Standing in front of his extraction rig, a vision crystallized: to form a team of dedicated individuals who would tirelessly search the globe, like legendary strain hunters, for the best media and tools to produce the highest quality dabs. Thus, Media Bros was born.

We pulled together a diverse crew of chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, scientists, professional extractors, and growers, all passionate about innovation. In our quest, we found that granular media was far superior to powder media. So, we introduced granular media to the processing industry, making us the pioneers of this game-changing product.

Innovation is our thing. It’s not something that happens overnight—it’s a process of constant invention, testing, retesting, and fine-tuning. We’re all about embracing failure so you don’t have to, always aiming for excellence. Our focus on performance, quality, and efficiency drives us to keep improving extraction technologies and customer experiences.

Founded in Portland, Oregon, Media Bros is more than just a company. We are your partners in success, offering fast response times, a deep knowledge base, and practical information for every level of expertise. We pride ourselves on our values, putting the needs of our customers ahead of 'corporate' interests. By helping you succeed, we believe you’ll keep coming back.

Join us as we continue to grow and revolutionize the cannabis extraction industry. We are Media Bros—here to hook you up, advise, educate, and engage.

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