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The Media Bros Advantage

Our advanced manufacturing process and proprietary media blends elevate purity, enhance potency, and guarantee consistency.

Improve Clarity

Selective adsorption removes dull and dark colors from your extracts, preserving most terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

Unlock Crystallization Potential

Removing pigments, fats, lipids, and other contaminants enhances clarity and purity, creating an ideal environment for THCa crystals.

Achieve Better Jar Appeal

Eliminate unwanted contaminants such as pesticides and heavy metals from your products to ensure they are clean and safe.



CRX™ is the new standard in all around color remediation media for inline hydrocarbon extraction. Designed for high flow, safety, and ease of use, CRX™ is great at removing unwanted colors while maintaining the most terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Its granular size allows for high flow and low pressure drops. Baking, prepping, and packing the media are a thing of the past. CRX™ is ready to go right out of the package.

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CRY™ is an aggressive variant of CRX™. Elementally, CRY™ has about 1.5X the embedded silica content when compared to CRX™. This allows CRY™ to filter a wider range of compounds than CRX™ alone and allows extractors the ability to quickly tune their media. Consider using a blend of CRX™ and CRY™ on the most difficult to process materials. Bro, media so aggressive it makes you want to CRY.

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CR2™ was designed to provide a simple method compatible with existing CO2 extraction equipment to consistently produce an extract with greater purity, aesthetic appeal, and one that improved and eliminated the bitter "CO2 taste" often attributed to CO2 extracted botanical products. Our filtration media is designed by CO2 operators for CO2 operators.

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See What Make Media Bros Different

Traditional media requires baking, absorbs moisture, clogs lab equipment, and further complicates the process. Media Bros filter media was designed with efficiency and flexibility in mind.

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