Perform 6000

Perform 6000
Perform 6000
Perform 6000
Perform 6000
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Perform 6000 Filter Media for BHO Extraction

Introducing Perform 6000 - the ultimate solution for purifying your cannabis oil extracts. Perform 6000 is a premium bentonite clay that purifies oil extracts by adsorbing impurities. It's made by treating natural bentonite clay with an activating agent, which enhances its surface area and porosity, allowing it to adsorb impurities effectively. This process is driven by attractive forces that cause contaminants to stick to the surface of the clay. Perform 6000 has longer filtration cycles making it a cost-effective solution. Elevate your oil to the next level with Perform 6000. Between 5%-10% of the total estimated extract in solution. 


  • Specially formulated activated bentonite clay that removes impurities
  • Increases surface area and porousness, adsorbing suspended solids, water, and dissolved gases
  • Attractive forces between clay and impurities trap contaminants, leaving behind pure, high-quality oil
  • Long filtration cycles and cost effective
  • Perfect for use in hydrocarbon extraction methods.

Packaged in: 1.0 kg pouch, 10 kg bucket, and 25 kg drum.

Technical Specs

Solvent Type Hydrocarbon
Color Remediation Level Heavy/High
Pesticide Remediation Level Medium
Selectivity/Polarity Level Less Selective/Most Polar
Heavy Metal Remediation Yes
Moisture Remediation Level Low
Fats/Lipids/Waxes Level Medium
Crystal Growth Slow
Depth Filtration Yes
Flow Rate Low Flow
pH Level Moderately Acidic (pH 2–4)
Best For Slightly Aged Biomass, Medium Quality
Suitable for Reruns Yes
Distillation Clean-up Moderate Scrub
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