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Produce High Quality Products. Consistently.

Media Bros professional services offers best in class solutions and custom products for your extraction process and remediation applications. We work together with you in your laboratory with your existing equipment. Together, with your engineers, extractors, or management teams we develop the following suit of managed services:

  • Remediation process development and optimization

  • Extraction & yield optimization for consistency

  • SOP development for remediation, quality control, and products

  • Custom filtration media development for specified applications

  • Analytical quality control solutions

About Media Bros and our professional services: This is not a class. We will not set up your lab. These are managed services to help your business achieve a defined processes or set of products developed by highly technical qualified professionals. Media Bros was founded with a scientifically engineered approach to improve existing extraction technologies. We are a group of certified & degreed chemical engineers, degreed engineers, scientists, professional extractors, and growers. We can help well established extraction operations and nascent businesses that are seeking the highest level of performance in quality and throughput.




For your small to medium sized operation, Media Bros will send a qualified professional extractor to optimize your extraction remediation process, improve yields, and maintain consistency throughout production.

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For small to medium sized operations; Media Bros will develop a complete inline and backend remediation solution, which may include custom filtration blends, the development of lab processes or SOPS, and affords both validation and testing to improve and standardize your process.



Media Bros will engage with your business for a contracted period of time. This is a fully customized service for the development of a full scale solution for remediation, optimization, product development, custom media, processes, testing, and more. Enterprise solutions afford large scale operations to take advantage of the full suite of Media Bros product development team and industry expertise. This is a highly limited program that draws on specialists and requires analysis and long term engagement to fully satisfy your needs.

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