CRY Filter Media: When to Use for Hydrocarbon Extractions

CRY Filter Media: When to Use for Hydrocarbon Extractions

Do you want to create hydrocarbon extracts with the highest clarity possible? Are you looking for aggressive filter media to improve oil color? Do you want a filter media that can remove dark pigments from aged biomass or material with stubborn pigments?

Media Bros’ CRY filter media is our most aggressive CRC filter media for difficult-to-process materials. Made from natural zeolite, our filtration media is non-toxic, all-purpose media with a high surface area, for fast throughputs and high volumes. 

What Is Natural Zeolite?

Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals made when volcanic ash is deposited in alkaline groundwater. The ash and salt interaction transforms the ash into a zeolite material made of aluminum, silica, and aluminosilicates. Zeolites have a highly porous and crystalline structure.

Natural zeolite is a very efficient granular filter media that has been commonly used as a sand replacement in water filtration. In industrial applications, zeolites offer better performance compared to sand and carbon filters. 

There are about 40 types of natural zeolites. Clinoptitlolite is one of the most common types used for filtration. Zeolites work by removing organic substances through ion exchange and adsorption. In high volumes, the adsorption process can trap pigments in its micro or mesopores.

Adsorption efficacy depends on the standard operating procedures, amount of material used, and quality of material.

Benefits of our zeolite filter media include:

  • Improves extract clarity

  • Traps particles and pigments that produce dark colors

  • All natural 

  • Safe to use

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Made in USA

Media Bros CRY: For Difficult-to-Process Materials

Media Bros’ CRY filtration media is an aggressive variant (1.5x the embedded silica content) of CRX media, our standard color remediation media for hydrocarbon extraction. 

For BHO or hemp extracts that require heavy color remediation, CRY works by removing color bodies from the crude extract. CRY improves clarity on the darkest of extracts.

Benefits of Media Bros’ CRY include:

  • Helps remove stubborn colors

  • Perfect for aged biomass

  • Aids in crystallization

  • High flow

  • No baking 

  • Easy to handle

  • Ready to use out of the package

  • Improves the overall appearance of your extracts

What Is the Difference Between CRX and CRY?

CRY filtration media is an aggressive variant of CRX. Elementally, it has 1.5x the embedded silica content of its CRX counterpart. A higher silica content allows this aggressive variant to filter a wider range of compounds than CRX alone and gives operators the ability to quickly tune their media.

Not sure which filtration media to use for improving oil color?

If you want a filter media that can remediate color while retaining as many terpenes as possible, then CRX is your number one choice. CRX is the ideal choice for fresh frozen material when your priority is preserving terpenes. It provides high clarity and unlocks crystallization potential in botanical oils.

If your material requires heavy color remediation and odor improvement, CRY is up to the task. CRY is the top choice for hemp material, where terpene retention is not the primary goal. Since CRY is an aggressive variant of CRX, it will remove more terpenes than CRX. Compared to CRX, CRY can adsorb a wider range of compounds than CRX alone.

Best of all, CRX and CRY can be used together as a blend for difficult-to-process materials. Plus, no mixing or preparation prior to use is needed. We recommend layering CRY on top of CRX. Volume and filtration media ratio depends on the material quality and composition.

Benefits of using a CRX and CRY blend include:

  • Decrease time for crystallization to occur

  • Variations on smell

  • Variations on color

How to Use Media Bros CRY Media

CRY, just like CRX,  is more efficient in cold temperatures. Ideally, you want the media types to make contact with the liquid solvate in a temperature range between -10C and -80C. We recommend about -40C.

Inline filtration system housing and screen works best with:

  • A diameter column between 3” to 4” that is over 10” tall

  • A 5 to 10 micron sintered mesh plate

  • A solvent ratio to biomass of 6:1 to 10:1

  • A flow rate of <1gpm; we recommend adding a flow restrictor at the bottom of the column for better flow regulation

Here is a quick overview of the color remediation procedure using CRY:

  1. Load your desired ratio of filter media into the filtration housing. Filter media amount depends on the quality of the biomass. Higher quality biomass requires less filter media than lower-quality biomass.

  2. Ensure the media is secured in a filtration housing (micron screen, paper filter)

  3. CRY does not need to be wetted prior to use

  4. Run the hydrocarbon filtration; avoid stagnant saturation and maintain flow

  5. Follow disposal instructions in SDS

That is it! CRY gives extractors the ability to quickly tune their media to get their desired clarity.

Where to Buy Media Bros CRY Filter Media

CRX and CRY filter media are available for online purchase at the Media Bros store in 1.5 kg (sample size), 10 kg, 100 kg, and 2,000 lb volumes. 

CRY is heat treated, dried, and shipped ready to use out of the package, We ship nationally and internationally*!

Online distributors include:

  • Xtractor Depot

  • LoCo Science

  • Amazon

  • USA Lab

  • Solvent Direct

  • BVV

  • Evolved Extraction

  • Rosin Power

  • EcoGreen Industries

If you want to skip the shipping process, you can find our color remediation products in-store at distribution centers across the nation. Check out our distributors page for a list of authorized retailers.

*Shipping costs vary

CRC Solutions for Hydrocarbon and CO2 Extractions


For high-quality color remediation solutions across the most common extraction methods, trust Media Bros’ line of filter media. Media Bros was founded by a group of chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, scientists, professional extractors, and growers.

We are committed to providing the cannabis extraction segment with the professional-grade solutions for better clarity and flavor. 

Beyond hydrocarbon extraction, we provide filter media for CO2 extractions. CR2 helps produce an extract with high clarity and purity. CR2 eliminates that bitter taste commonly found in CO2 extracted botanical products.

Have any questions about our filtration media and hardware? Contact us at or give us a call at (971) 233-3476.

Ready to take the leap toward color remediation? Fill out a free sample request to see the Media Bros difference for yourself. 

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