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How To Make Shitty Extracts with CRC Extraction

How To Make Shitty Extracts with CRC Extraction

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If you want to make shitty extracts, we’ve got you covered. You don’t even need much experience, scientific knowledge, or quality equipment and cannabis to start. We’ll share the secrets to creating a quick ‘n’ dirty extract, none of that hoity-toity stuff that’s clear, aromatic, and flavorful. So, grab that dirt weed and powdered filter media, and let’s get started.

Start with Shitty Weed

Ah, the foundation of any lackluster extract – the starting material! When making shitty extracts, you’ll want to begin with the crème de la crap of cannabis. After all, what better way to craft a subpar end product than with the least impressive raw ingredients?

Importance of Starting Material in Extract Quality

The old adage “garbage in, garbage out” holds true in the extraction world. A substandard starting material will lead you down the path of mediocrity, ensuring an extract that lacks the flavor, potency, and overall allure of its high-quality counterparts. In short, the poorer the cannabis, the poorer the extract

Common Characteristics of Poor-Quality Cannabis

To truly excel at producing inferior extracts, you must familiarize yourself with the telltale signs of low grade weed. The color may be off, appearing brownish or yellow, and the buds might be loose and airy. Often, you'll find seeds and stems of plenty, ensuring a less-than-optimal experience.

Mold, Pests, and Poor Growing Conditions

Nothing says subpar like moldy, pest-infested cannabis. If you're seeking the ultimate and low-quality starting material, look no further than plants that have suffered from poor growing conditions. These unfortunates may have been exposed to excess humidity, inadequate light, or improper nutrient management, leading to the presence of mold, pests, and disease. Using such compromised cannabis in your extraction process is a surefire way to make your extracts less desirable.

Low Cannabinoid and Terpene Content

The pièce de résistance of a truly disappointing extract is a lackluster cannabinoid and terpene profile. The best (or worst?) examples of poor-quality cannabis will have low concentrations of these essential compounds, resulting in a low potency and forgettable flavor. Remember, the goal here is to achieve an end product that is as unremarkable as possible.

Employ a Shitty Process

Once you’ve got your hands on the most underwhelming cannabis, it’s time to work some real extraction magic, or rather, an extraction tragedy. Here, we’ll show you the art of turning low-grade starting material into a truly disastrous extract.

Importance of Proper Extraction Techniques

In cannabis extraction, process is king. A well-executed extraction using a closed-loop extraction system can transform even average cannabis into a delightful concentrate, while a botched process can reduce the finest flower to a wretched mess. So, if you're aiming for a truly bad extract, it's crucial to ignore the wisdom of proper extraction methods.

Ignore Temperature and Pressure Controls

In the quest to make shitty weed, you should be throwing caution to the wind and disregarding temperature and pressure controls. Proper temperature and pressure management is vital for maintaining the integrity of cannabinoids and terpenes, but you're aiming for the exact opposite. So, pay no heed to these critical factors and let chaos reign supreme.

Effects of Improper Temperature and Pressure on Extract Quality

When you ignore temperature and pressure controls, you’ll achieve a poor result. Too much heat can cause the degradation of valuable compounds and create an unpleasant, burnt taste. On the other hand, inadequate pressure may lead to an incomplete extraction, resulting in a less potent and flavorful product.

Lack of Proper Equipment Maintenance

An often-overlooked element in the art of creating inferior extracts is neglecting equipment maintenance. When you allow your extraction equipment to become dirty, worn, or damaged, you're opening the door to contamination, inefficiency, and potential safety hazards, all contributing to a disappointing final product.

Contamination Risks and Safety Hazards

Your pursuit of an awful extract wouldn't be complete without introducing contamination risks and safety hazards to your hydrocarbon, CO2, or ethanol extraction process. Cutting corners, ignoring maintenance schedules, and disregarding safety protocols all set the stage for an unsafe extract that poses not only a risk to its users but also to those involved in its production.

Use Shitty Filter Media

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Whether you’re making butane hash oil or ethanol extracts, the final ingredient in our recipe for extraction disaster is none other than the use of low-quality filter media. This crucial component of color remediation column (CRC) extraction can make or break your final product, so naturally, you’ll want to opt for the most dreadful choices available.

Role of Filter Media in CRC Extraction

Filter media, such as activated bentonite clay, activated silica gel, diatomaceous earth, or activated charcoal, plays a vital role in the CRC extraction process by separating undesirable compounds from the desired cannabinoids and terpenes. A quality filter media ensures that only the best components of the cannabis make it into the final extract. However, when your goal is to create a low-quality product, the importance of choosing an inferior filter media cannot be overstated.

Common Types of Low-Quality Filter Media

To guarantee the mediocrity of your extract, seek out filter media known for their lack of efficacy.  Such filter media may include materials that are easily degraded, prone to clogging, or simply ill-suited for the specific filtration process. 

Incorrect Particle Size or Composition

The road to a disappointing cannabis extract is paved with filter media with the wrong particle size or composition. Filter media that is too fine, too coarse, or not porous enough will impede a proper filtration process, ending with an extract that’s as ineffective as it is unimpressive.

Contaminants, Off-Flavors, and Loss of Valuable Compounds

When you use the worst filter media available, you ensure your extract is riddled with contaminants, off-flavors, and a loss of cannabinoids and terpenes. This results in an extract that is not only unpalatable but also lacks the quality that discerning consumers have come to know and love.

CRC Myths

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In our quest for shitty extracts, it’s important we pause and address the CRC myths that have pervaded the cannabis community and given pause to cannabis extraction companies.

CRC extraction has become a highly contentious topic in the cannabis industry. Despite its potential for producing high-quality extracts, CRC technology has also been shrouded in mystery, with many misconceptions fueling its controversial reputation.

The Myth of CRC as a Magic Bullet

One common myth is that CRC can miraculously transform any low-quality crude extract into a top-notch extract. While CRC can help remove impurities and improve the overall quality of an extract, remember that it's only one piece of the puzzle. 

Starting with subpar cannabis and employing a suboptimal extraction process will still result in a low-quality final product, regardless of the CRC technology used.

The Myth of CRC as the Ultimate Villain

Conversely, some critics argue that CRC extraction is inherently harmful and degrades the quality of all extracts. In reality, when used responsibly and in conjunction with proper extraction techniques, CRC can be an effective tool for creating high-quality, safe, and consistent cannabis concentrates.

The Myth of a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Another misconception surrounding CRC is that it's a one-size-fits-all process suitable for all cannabis strains and extraction methods. In truth, the effectiveness of CRC depends on a variety of factors, including the cannabis strain, solvent, and filtration media used. 

It's crucial to tailor the CRC process to the specific needs and characteristics of the starting material and extraction method to achieve optimal results.

The Myth of CRC Stripping Away All Flavor and Potency

Some believe that CRC strips away all the desirable compounds, leaving behind a flavorless and impotent extract. This is simply not true. When used correctly, CRC removes unwanted impurities while preserving the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes that contribute to the extract's potency and unique flavor profile, creating a full-spectrum extract with all its valuable compounds.

Filter Media Sample Request

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Let's Do It

Elevate Your Extracts with Media Bros

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But it doesn't stop there. Media Bros is committed to providing not only the best products but also the knowledge and support needed to ensure your success. Our team of cannabis extraction industry experts is always ready to guide you through the refinement process, offering insights, tips, and advice to help you perfect your extraction techniques and optimize your CRC setup.

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