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Meet the New BlazeMate Vape Pen by Media Bros

The landscape of vaping has undergone a dramatic transformation, evolving from a simple alternative to smoking into a sophisticated and widespread phenomenon, especially among cannabis connoisseurs.

This evolution is marked by significant technological advancements that have redefined what users expect from their vaping experience. 

At the forefront of this innovation wave is Media Bros, a trailblazer in the cannabis extraction field. At Media Bros, we’re now pushing the boundaries of vape technology with the BlazeMate, incorporating cutting-edge vape cartridge innovations. 

A lineup of a white, black, and orange BlazeMate vape pens.

Ceramic Heating Technology

One notable advantage of ceramic heating is its ability to produce thicker, more satisfying vapor clouds. Thanks to the highly porous nature of ceramic, it excels in heating viscous oils, like those found in THC vapes, more effectively, vaporizing more oil per draw and resulting in denser, richer clouds. Many customers are saying it performs like a low-temperature dab rig.

Ceramic coil carts are also less prone to spit-backs, a common annoyance among vape users. Spit-backs happen when a vaporizer's wick becomes oversaturated, leading to leaks or even hot oil spitting back through the mouthpiece. Ceramic's large surface area efficiently heats and evaporates the oil, minimizing the risk of spit-backs and leaks.

Another critical aspect of ceramic heating technology is its health benefits. Unlike metal coils, which can leach heavy metals into the cannabis oil, ceramic coils offer a healthier alternative. Vape pens with traditional metal heating coils result in a lot of contact between cannabis oil and metal surfaces. With repeated use and heating, these surfaces can leach heavy metals into the cannabis oil. Ceramic coil cartridges offer a healthier alternative by significantly reducing the use of metal in their design. Media Bros' BlazeMate vape pen goes beyond reduction by suspending the cartridge's heating filament adjacent to the coil's embedded mesh heating core, practically eliminating direct oil-to-metal contact.

Unlike traditional wick-based heating elements that can unevenly heat the oil and sometimes impart a burnt taste, ceramic heaters also offer a more uniform heating process. This uniformity is key to extracting the complete flavor profile of the cannabis oil, ensuring each draw is both potent and flavorful. 

Media Bros' vape cartridges' ceramic heating technology is designed for longevity and reliability. As a material, Ceramic is adept at withstanding high temperatures without degrading. This means a longer lifespan for the vape cart and a consistent experience over time. 

Additionally, the risk of unpleasant tastes, often associated with older wick-based systems, is significantly reduced with ceramic heating technology. Traditional cartridges often impart a persistent burnt flavor after overheating, leading many to discard them prematurely. However, BlazeMate's ceramic coil prevents this issue. Even if the oil overheats, the ceramic doesn't retain a burnt taste, allowing users to continue enjoying the pure flavor of their oil without wastage.

Mesh Heating Core

Unlike standard coils, a mesh heating core provides a larger surface area for heating the cannabis oil. This increased surface area translates to faster, more even heating. Users can expect a rapid heat-up time, ensuring they can enjoy their vaping experience without delay. The uniform heat distribution also means more efficient oil vaporization, leading to consistent draws every time.

A key benefit of the mesh heating core is its ability to produce substantial vapor clouds at lower voltages and temperatures. This efficiency is not just about impressive vapor production; it also plays a crucial role in preserving the oil's flavor and potency. By heating the oil gently and evenly, the mesh core helps extract the maximum flavor, making each session more enjoyable and satisfying.

Furthermore, the mesh heating core's design contributes to the vape cart's overall longevity. Its efficient heating mechanism reduces the strain on the vape battery and other components, ensuring that the vape cart remains functional and reliable over extended periods.

Media Bros' latest innovation in vape cart technology prominently features a mesh heating core, a significant step forward in vaping efficiency and performance.

Type-C Charging

The Type-C charging port is a game-changer in several ways and a significant leap from older USB charging standards. Known for its rapid charging capabilities, the Type-C port drastically reduces the time needed to power up the vape cart, ensuring that users spend less time tethered to a charging cable and more time enjoying their vaping sessions. This is especially beneficial for those who vape frequently or rely on their vape pens throughout the day.

Another advantage of the Type-C charging system is its efficiency. Not only does it charge the device faster, but it also does so more effectively, providing a stable and reliable power supply. This efficiency is crucial for extending the overall battery life and maintaining the device's performance over time.

Recognizing the modern user's need for speed and efficiency, we have equipped our BlazeMate devices with a Type-C charging port, setting a new benchmark for convenience in vape technology.

Pre-Heat Function

The preheating function serves a vital purpose: it gently warms the cannabis oil to an optimal temperature before the user takes the first draw. This is particularly beneficial for thicker oils that require a bit of warmth to reach the ideal viscosity for vaping. By activating the pre-heat, users ensure that the oil is evenly heated and ready to deliver its full flavor and potency from the very first inhale.

This feature addresses a common challenge in traditional vape pens, where the initial draws can be less satisfying due to the oil's cooler, more viscous state. With the pre-heating function, the oil is primed and at its best, offering a consistent and enjoyable experience right from the start.

Additionally, the pre-heat function is adept at clearing clogs in the cartridge, often caused by oil thickening in colder conditions. A quick activation of this function gently warms the oil, dissolving any blockages and ensuring smooth, uninterrupted vaping. This feature not only enhances flavor but also maintains the cartridge's efficiency, saving users from the inconvenience of clogged cartridges.

Understanding the nuances of vaping, especially with high-viscosity oils, Media Bros has integrated this function to cater to the discerning user who seeks both convenience and quality in their sessions.

Variable Voltage Battery

A image of the voltage a battery for the BlazeMate vape pen.

A variable voltage battery allows users to adjust the voltage, and consequently, the temperature of their vape carts. This adjustability is crucial because the temperature at which the oil is heated can dramatically alter the flavor, intensity, and overall quality of the vapor. 

Lower temperatures tend to produce a smoother and more flavorful vapor, ideal for those who savor the taste and aroma of their oils. Higher temperatures, on the other hand, generate a more intense vapor, preferred by users looking for a stronger hit.

This level of control is particularly beneficial for vaping connoisseurs who understand that different strains and types of cannabis oils may require different heating settings to fully express their unique profiles. It's also advantageous for medical users who rely on precise dosages and specific vapor qualities for therapeutic purposes.

Media Bros' introduction of the adjustable voltage battery in their vape carts represents a significant leap in personalizing the vaping experience. With a precise resistance of 1.7±0.1Ω and four distinct adjustable voltage settings – 3.8V, 3.4V, 3.0V, 2.6V, or 1.9V– users are afforded an unprecedented level of control over their vaping sessions.

Media Bros' variable voltage battery in the BlazeMate is designed for customization, catering to different cannabis oil characteristics. Working in tandem with extractors and producers, we tailor the voltage settings to suit each oil type, optimizing flavor and effects. This collaborative approach ensures that the BlazeMate delivers a vaping experience precisely aligned with both producer intentions and user preferences.

Postless Design

The absence of a central post in the vape cart creates a more streamlined and efficient structure. This design choice directly translates into several practical advantages. It allows for a larger oil-filling aperture, simplifying the manufacturing process and making it easier to fill the cart with oil.  

The postless design enhances the overall vaping experience by improving the airflow within the cart. With air flowing more freely around the heating element, users can enjoy a smoother and more consistent draw. This unrestricted airflow also plays a crucial role in the even heating of the oil, ensuring that each hit is as good as the last.

Integral to the postless design, the dual-side airflow system in Media Bros’ BlazeMate allows air to enter from both sides of the cart. 

Working in tandem with the postless design, the dual-side ventilation effectively minimizes issues such as clogging and leaks. Drawing air from underneath the core ensures a consistent and smooth airflow, leading to a more reliable and enjoyable vaping experience.

Elevate Your Vaping with Media Bros’ BlazeMate

Experience the future of vaping with BlazeMate, Media Bros' latest masterpiece in vape technology. Meticulously designed for the discerning cannabis enthusiast, the BlazeMate vape pen stands out as a symbol of sophistication and cutting-edge innovation.

BlazeMate’s Feature Highlights

  • Ceramic Heating Technology: Offering uniform heating for a richer flavor and denser vapor clouds, BlazeMate utilizes the best of ceramic technology to enhance the vaping experience.
  • Mesh Heating Core: Its large surface area ensures faster, more even heating, translating into consistent and enjoyable draws.
  • Type-C Charging: With rapid charging capabilities, the BlazeMate ensures users spend more time enjoying their experience and less time waiting.
  • Pre-Heat Function: This feature primes the oil to the perfect temperature, which is particularly beneficial for thicker oils, ensuring the first draw is as satisfying as the last.
  • Variable Voltage Battery: Offering an unprecedented level of control, the BlazeMate caters to a variety of vaping preferences with adjustable voltage settings.
  • Postless Design with Dual Side Airflow and Ventilation: Enhancing the ease of filling and reducing the risk of clogs and leaks, this innovative design optimizes both functionality and user experience.
  • High Tank Capacity: Despite its sleek design, the BlazeMate offers a 1.0ml tank, perfect for extended vaping sessions without frequent refills.
  • Capping Convenience: Its user-friendly, easy press-fit design for mouthpieces enhances usability, ensuring effortless maintenance and handling.
  • Battery Powerhouse: Equipped with a robust 350mAh battery, the BlazeMate promises extended usage time, reducing the frequency of recharges and maintaining the momentum of your experience.
  • Compact and Portable: Measuring just 20.8mm in width, 10.7mm in depth, and 101mm in height, it embodies portability, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go vaping enthusiasts.

The New Era of Vape Cart Functionality

 A man vaping with the BlazeMate vap pen featured in 6 different colors: white, black, orange, blue, green, and purple.

The vaping industry continues to rapidly evolve, driven by groundbreaking advancements that consistently elevate the user experience. From enhanced heating systems to innovative designs, these technological strides are setting new standards in efficiency, convenience, and overall enjoyment for vaping enthusiasts. 

Media Bros emerges as a key player in this dynamic landscape, embodying these advancements with our own line of advanced vape carts. Our commitment to innovation not only aligns with the industry's progression but also signals a promising future for vaping technology.

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