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The Revolution of Cannabis Filtration: The Ulti Filter From Media Bros

The Revolution of Cannabis Filtration: The Ulti Filter From Media Bros

Extracting the purest, cleanest, and most particulate-free oil from cannabis is our driving mission, and achieving total filtration control is paramount. For producers of high-quality concentrates, the filtration process can make all the difference. The Ulti Filter is a game-changer in cannabis filtration, and here's why you should consider integrating this American-made product into your process.

The Ulti Filter: An All-Rounder in Cannabis Filtration

Media Bros' Ulti Filter effectively replaces the sintered disc and prevents clogs with its dynamic, flexible membrane. This filter boasts an impressive life span, remaining effective for an extended period without a decline in the flow rate.

 The Ulti Filter has been meticulously designed to offer an easy setup and a conveniently compact size that fits perfectly into any extraction setup. Outperforming traditional 2D sintered disks, this revolutionary 3D cartridge filter brandishes a staggering surface area increase of over 2,300% greater than traditional 4” disks.  

There is no need for multi-stage micronic filtration with the Ulti Filter as it offers 0.2-micron filtration, specifically designed to capture fats, lipids, and particulates, ensuring only the purest oil goes through. But, don’t mistake its performance to mean complexity – it’s easy to install and use.

Enhanced Performance, No Compromise

The Ulti Filter is an investment in efficiency. In our rigorous tests, we processed over 2000lbs of CRC'd material with zero clogs and unprecedented control over the flow rates.

Experience the Superior Flow of the Ulti Filter

Why should you struggle with clogs when the Ulti Filter offers a clog-free world? Our trials to clog it with a final stage at 0.2um were nothing short of laughable. It's designed for unrestricted, high-speed flow, allowing you to precisely control flow rates, forget about monitoring clogs, and focus more on perfecting your extraction process.

The Ulti Filter: Designed For Your Needs

In recognizing the diverse needs of our customers, we've ensured that the Ulti Filter is available in several SKU variations. With both 5-inch and 10-inch options, you can choose the Ulti Filter Max that suits your specific needs and preferences. These versions come as a complete package that includes both the housing and six filter cartridges. This bundle ensures you have a comprehensive filtration solution ready to take your extraction process to the next level.

For those customers who already have the housing in place, we've got you covered as well. The individual filter cartridges are available in both 5-inch and 10-inch sizes, making replacement and maintenance a breeze. Choose the configuration that perfectly aligns with your requirements and start experiencing a more efficient, effective, and tailored filtration solution for your oil extraction processes.

Affordable and American-Made

Even with all its unique features and benefits, the Ulti Filter remains an affordable solution. We are proud to offer this American-made, high-quality tool that surpasses the typical 2D filter disks. In the realm of sub-micron filtration processes, our filter shines as the ultimate solution for fats, lipids, and particulates.

Check It Out

In the increasingly competitive cannabis industry, the quest for purity and quality while maintaining efficiency is relentless. With the Ulti Filter, you can ensure that your oils are pristine, and your diamonds are of the finest quality. In other words, with the Ulti Filter, you can truly make better oil. So why wait? Experience the revolution in cannabis filtration, and let the Ulti Filter work its magic in your extraction process.

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