Innovative Filtration Solutions for Cannabis Oil Extraction: Unveiling the New Value Line Products

Innovative Filtration Solutions for Cannabis Oil Extraction: Unveiling the New Value Line Products

Cannabis oil extraction, a cornerstone of the burgeoning cannabis industry, has been steadily gaining traction, sparking innovations and advancements in extraction technology. Media Bros takes pride in leading the way in the continuously evolving innovation landscape of filtration technology - a critical factor in guaranteeing a superior end product. We have been dedicated to supporting the industry's growth for years, and are thrilled to present the latest addition to our product lineup—a revolutionary suite of filtration products designed to transform the cannabis oil extraction process. 

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Over the years, the needs of our valued customers have continued to evolve, and we are dedicated to evolving along with you. Our newest innovative filtration solutions offer many of the same key features of our premium blends, but at a price that perhaps more accurately reflects the industry’s current needs. After all, bros are bros. 

In this post, we will introduce and discuss the key advantages of our newest cannabis filtration products. Tailored for cannabis oil producers and manufacturers seeking effective, efficient, and cost-friendly solutions, these products promise to enhance the quality of your oil extracts.

PR-O – Organic Coconut Carbon

Solvent Applications: Hydrocarbon, Ethanol

Polarity/Selectivity: Moderate/Medium

Crystal Growth: Fast

Flow Rate: Moderate

Best With: Hay Biomass

Compare To: CRAC, G-CRAC

Crafted from organic coconut carbon, PR-O is an innovative filtration solution designed to effectively remove impurities such as chlorophyll, lipids, and pesticides from cannabis extract. The granular form of this product ensures efficient treatment and a clean final product. 

It offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional filters and seamlessly integrates into existing extraction processes. Whether your method is hydrocarbon or ethanol extraction, PR-O offers compatibility and adaptability. 

PR-O’s premium blend counterparts are CRAC and G-CRAC. PRO-W has less polarity/higher selectivity than CRAC but with a higher flow rate. When compared to G-CRAC, the polarity/selectivity levels are similar but PR-O has a lower flow rate. PR-O is able to grow crystals at roughly the same rate as both CRAC and G-CRAC.  

PR-W – Organic Coconut Carbon

Solvent Applications: Hydrocarbon, Ethanol

Polarity/Selectivity: Moderate/Medium

Crystal Growth: Slow

Flow Rate: Low

Best With: Hay Biomass

Compare To: G-CRAC, Silica Gel 60A

Following in the footsteps of PR-O, PR-W Coconut Activated Carbon provides similar features but with an edge – it excels in removing unwanted colors, impurities, and contaminants. As a result, you'll produce visually appealing, high-quality oil. Its free-flowing powder form allows easy integration into existing extraction processes with minimal effort. Furthermore, it offers an environmentally friendly choice thanks to its organic and renewable nature, and it works exceptionally well with BHO and ethanol extraction methods.

PR-W’s premium counterparts are G-CRAC and Silica Gel 60A. PR-W’s polarity/selectivity levels are on par with G-CRAC, but Silica Gel 60A will offer higher overall polarity. The biggest difference between PR-W and its older siblings is its crystal growth rate, which is the slowest of any of the Media Bros filter media offerings. If this is an important factor in your process, consider a premium alternative.


Solvent Applications: Hydrocarbon Only

Polarity/Selectivity: Less Selective/More Polar

Crystal Growth: High

Flow Rate: Low Flow

Best With: Cured Biomass

Compare To: CRX, CRX-Y

B80, a natural, safe solution for extracting cannabis oil, boasts excellent adsorption and filtration properties. This general-purpose clay effectively removes moderate levels of chlorophyll, color bodies, soaps, phospholipids, and metals, leading to a visually appealing final product. Favorable filtration characteristics ensure an efficient extraction process with minimal pressure build-up. It is especially ideal for chlorophyll removal from oils with moderate chlorophyll levels and is compatible with food-grade acids.

B80 resides in the same category as Media Bros’ flagship products, CRX and CRY, but is in a completely different class. Its selectivity is lower, and although it may be an effective color remediator, it also pulls out more of the good stuff (terpenes, THC), impacting the overall yield. However, for extractors that do not necessarily need these qualities, it is an excellent value, offering a hard scrub that will alter the essence of your cured biomass.

Perform 5000 – Activated Clay

Solvent Applications: Hydrocarbon Only

Polarity/Selectivity: Less Selective/More Polar

Crystal Growth:  Slow

Flow Rate:  Low

Best With: Trim Biomass

Compare To:  CRX

Perform 5000, our activated clay product, is a stalwart in removing impurities such as chlorophyll, lipids, and fats. Its enhanced natural adsorption properties, achieved through proprietary processing, ensure high effectiveness. Moreover, its unique filtration characteristics contribute to a cost-effective production process with minimal clogging and labor-intensive preparation. Suitable for hydrocarbon extraction methods, Perform 5000 promises cleaner oil extracts for trim material.

Perform 5000 is one of the more polar filter media offered by Media Bros, making it less selective in choosing specific compounds than other options in our product lineup. Mostly suitable for processing trim, Perform 5000 provides a moderate scrub at a low flow rate. 

By comparison, CRX has a higher selectivity and flow rate, offering effective remediation benefits in terms of color, pesticides, and environmental factors such as smoke and sulfur. CRX also boasts a PH neutral acidity level (7), while Perform 5000 ranks as moderate (2-4). Crystal growth rate can be expected to be slower with Perform 5000 as well. 

Perform 6000 – Activated Clay

Solvent Applications: Hydrocarbon Only

Polarity/Selectivity: Less Selective/More Polar

Crystal Growth:  Slow

Flow Rate:  Low

Compare To: Perform 5000

Finally, the Perform 6000, a premium bentonite clay, revolutionizes oil purification by adsorbing impurities. Thanks to its increased surface area and porosity, it offers superior filtration results to other competitors in the industry. Moreover, longer filtration cycles make it a cost-effective solution for oil purification. It's perfect for use in hydrocarbon extraction methods.

When comparing Perform 5000 with Perform 6000, the latter, with a pH of 2.7 (more acidic), has a few advantages. With its higher acidity compared to Perform 5000's pH of 2.5, Perform 6000 is particularly well-suited for effectively addressing stubborn pigments in old biomass, making it a more potent remediation solution vs. Perform 5000. Your biomass and color remediation needs will determine the best product for you.


Our new value line of products isn't merely about providing alternatives to traditional filters. They redefine how filtration in cannabis oil extraction is perceived. Each product offers unique advantages tailored to suit diverse needs, and each promises cost-effectiveness, seamless integration, and most importantly, cleaner, visually appealing, and high-quality oil extracts.

With these innovative filtration solutions, our production partners can enhance the quality and efficiency of their extraction processes with a lower financial barrier. We believe each extraction process deserves the best, and our products are a testament to that. As a leading provider of these cutting-edge solutions, our agency is committed to meeting the diverse needs of cannabis oil producers and helping them achieve optimal results. Check out the full line up today.

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